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Adaptive Game Opponent AI

My thesis research is into adaptive game opponent AI. Several papers I published on this subject are found on the publications page. I am exploring this subject both in theory and in practice.


The MiniGate environment is a simulation of an encounter between two parties in a Computer Roleplaying Game similar to the Baldur's Gate games. I developed this simulation to test the efficiency of the Dynamic Scripting technique I designed. It is reported on in several papers that can be found on the publications page, of which the most important one is the one that was published in Machine Learning, which is based on my GAME-ON 2003 paper, which won two awards. I release the MiniGate environment, including the source code, here. This is not "perfect" software, in the sense that I would definitely change a couple of things if I meant this software to be used by someone else than me. Also, there is no detailed documentation available. However, if you feel inspired to continue experimenting with this software, contact me and we'll see what can be done. Please read the License.txt file that is included in the ZIP-files.